Sunday, May 11, 2008

No Ming! No Bling!

While the Jazz were busy beating Houston in Game Six,
I was a little preoccupied with my own courtside drama.

Kyle Korver.

He was totally sending me signals the entire game.
Here he is giving me a "thumbs up."

Here he is touching his shoes, trying to get my attention, and every time I looked at him he kept adjusting his shorts!?!?!

I mean, Please!

Kyle, Baby!

I know what you're trying to say. . . .

I finally made an exaggerated gesture towards Billy
and pointed out my wedding ring.

It did not go over well.
He was visibly devastated.

Hopefully he can channel his frustration into
some killer 3-pointers against the Lakers.

I'm so sorry, Kyle.


Ohlsons said...

love the moaning song. you are a crack up!!! how did I get so lucky to get you as a friend. oh and the song sounds like you and billy when you would DH in Casa del sol!!! ha ha

Heather Gay said...

shan. Oh sweet memories of Casa Del Sol. I believe you and Mr. QuickDraw Sandburg got pretty comfy there as well. . .I am dying laughing.

Paige said...

I love Kyle. Can you stalk him and set me up on a date with him. I think he is my soul mate.

Ohlsons said...

i love your blog i can't believe you have held out on all us bloggers for so long. no pressure or anything but you have set some pretty high standards to maintain for the rest of your blogging days!