Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The ole arch. Hi Ya, St. Louie!!!

Last weekend we flew in to St. Louis to see our bestest friends ever, Wade & Katelyn. The four of us took a road trip to Carthage and Old Nauvoo and re-lived all our college road trip fantasies. (See Wade & Katelyn's blog for more details).

It's hard being beautiful.

And cool, too.

P.S. My picture was supposed to be serious too, but Wade messed it up.
On purpose.

We saw Carthage Jail where Joseph Smith was martyred.

We took some awesome shots of the Nauvoo Temple.

And while Billy & Wade aren't exactly Joseph and Hyrum, they are pretty close.

On our way home we stopped in Clarksville to touch the Mississippi and watch some authentic glass blowers.

Definitely a lost art.

We also saw some real live civil war heroes. . .What??? They weren't real?? Oh. I guess they were just fully grown people playing dress-up & pretend.

The annual Battle of Keokuk always fails to disappoint!

Goodbye St. Louis!

The river was so high, it covered almost the entire statue.

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Paige said...

Why am I just finding out that you have a blog? I love it. Your babies are getting so big!! They are so so cute. Welcome to my blogging world. I've been missing talking Trading Spaces with you...