Wednesday, May 7, 2008

ST. GEORGE with the girlies.
(and the nannies)

Seriously???? We had a goooood time in St. George.
Ash E. was THE Hostess with the MOSTEST!

I would like to personally thank her for the following. . .

1. Massage appointments (both on and off-site, way to work it, girl!)

2. Live falcon-koi hunting shows every 4 hours.
(Are you kidding? How did you train them to do that? It was better than SeaWorld!)

3. Pool heated to the perfect temperature for swimming with children. (No warm spots if you know what I mean).

4. Pedicures at the local Wal-mart.
(I still can't believe we saw actual famous polygamists). Sara, please send pics. I was too star-struck to take any.

5. The casita for the nannies.
(On-Demand for when we need them, tucked away for when we don't).

6. Sara (nodding off mid-conversation) & Gabe (I owe you a massage, big guy).

7. Jill, Darren, & the game of Nerds. (true loves).

8. Having a water slide for my daughter to slide down on and for me to get stuck on.

9. Mederma for Annabelle's self-mutilation.

10. Open spaces for Georgia to roam free.

11. Fiesta of Fun!!! Need I Say More?? (I mean, who DOESN'T love miniature golf with 9 kids under 6 and a broken flip-flop?)

12. And last but NOT least. . .Las Vegas. Every single minute of it!! Including this awesome picture of a wild jackrabbit. Seriously. It's there. Can't you see it's eye?

You Rule, Woman! Thanks Again for a Grrrrrrrreat trip!

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