Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We spent Conference Weekend at the Valais Chalet in Midway.

Grandma & Grandpa came by to drop off treats and toys (My beloved Snoopy collection from years past!)

Ashley & Savannah played with the vintage Snoopy, Belle, Woodstock, and little black Allie Cat (remember her?) all weekend.

Thank you Mom for saving all the outfits and accessories!

We reminisced over Snoopy's olive green scrubs and Sherlock Holmes ensemble, & delighted in Belle's long-sleeved pink leotard with the running stripe ( a la Mary Lou Retton) and purple tutu with matching ballet slippers. There was no charm lost over the years. We loved it! It was a nice little trip down memory lane! I am now obsessed with preserving all of Ashley's toys so that she too can have the same experience in 25 years. Wish me luck.

Billy played with the babies, Annabelle & Callie. Next year they won't be quite as easily entertained.

The kids goofed off, swam, & invented their own versions of ping-pong and foos-ball, much to our delight! (And watched Conference, of course!)

Midway is such a great getaway. I guess we will have to make it a Conference tradition.

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