Saturday, December 6, 2008


I like to bribe my kids with candy canes and place them on the laps of complete strangers.

Is there a website where people can post their creepy santa shots?

There should be.


Suzanne said...

How do you get your kids to sit on Santa's lap? My kids are terrified of him. Spencer doesn't mind visiting because he know the result is a candy cane but the girl's are not a fan! Cute picture.

jacksonfamiliatwins said...

Love the pic! I can't believe how old your girls are getting. I miss seeing them. Tell them "hi" from Auntie Anne.

JOHANNA said...

-yeah that santa looks creepy

Tyler said...,0,52957.photogallery

Here is a blog post you may enjoy reading.

Jeff and Rose said...

I'm really not sure if you're any worse than the rest of us...we had our family pictures on Saturday and I just kept saying, "keep smiling at Miss Julie so that we can go get some Chicken Nuggets."
Oh, the shame.

goddard girls said...

Ha ha ha I love it!!!

Katelyn & Wade said...

Where in the world is that Santa? That is horrifying.