Monday, May 25, 2009

I sad mac'd.

And it was really, really SAD. The Mac Geniuses told us that the hard drive had completely failed and based on their assessments none of the data was recoverable.

Billy, of course, rewarded their dilligence and good news by immediately purchasing a new iMac while I, devastated, cradled our deceased, but still warm, little harddrive in my arms with nothing but a flimsy plastic bag to protect it.

It looked so small, so peaceful. I couldn't imagine that it was really gone.

Let me attempt to translate what 'data' the geniuses described as 'gone.' Um. Ok. Try every single notable and non-notable event that has occurred in our lives since our last successful backup 3 YEARS AGO.

So, let's see. . . . . 3 years translates to: the birth of 2 babies, 2 baby blessings, 7 birthday parties, 11 vacations, 2 first solids, first steps, 2 first days of school, 2 first dance recitals, etc. Not to mention all the holidays. The Holidays! Try 3 Christmases, 3 Easters, 3 4th of Julys where I dressed them all alike and endured severe picture-taking hardship in order to get one PICTURE that would forever be evidence of superb mothering. And now would forever be lost.

Did the last 3 years even happen if I don't have evidence of it?

And these are just the pictures that I remember taking. I know there are thousands of candid shots and moments where I interrupted the magic of their childhood to sneak away, find the camera, and CAPTURE just how cute they were being in order to never forget. . .now I've forgotten and I don't even KNOW what I'm missing.

So I ask you, how do you quantify the VALUE of these pictures?

Priceless is the only word that accurately describes what we may have lost.

However, there is hope. Hope. That thing with feathers, perching in my soul. . .

The experts at Data Recovery in Denver, Colorado are confident that there are files on my hard drive that they may be able to locate, save, return to me. These wonderful, wonderful talented people with magic skills far surpassing even Mac Geniuses are willing to help me, rescue me, make all my irresponsible, non-backing up ways right again. They can restore the evidence of my progeny's childhood to me unscathed. . .(or at least 60% of it).

And, in extremity, asking more than a crumb of me. . . but only $950.00 to perform this miraculous feat. Albeit, nothing is guaranteed, but at least they are willing to try. TO TRY!!!

Expensive? Maybe, but they could triple their fees and how could anyone, ANYONE, let alone A MOTHER, in good conscience, refuse to pay?


JOHANNA said...

OUCH!!! Girl that is horrible- sorry:(
Let me know how it goes retrieving-hopefully they can get it all:)
Gotta go backup!!

Tanya said...

This is so sad. I'm addicted to my photos. I'm going to back up right now. We're praying for a successful recovery.

jacksonfamiliatwins said...

Ditto! I'm backing up asap! So sorry that happened!

Jeff and Rose said...

Hey, it's going to be alright. It took Jeff a week to recover our information. I was just sick--physically nauseated--BUT it will be okay. They can generally collect at least something. Hang in there. We'll be hoping for the best. xoxoxo

Kami said...

Hi Heather! ouch! that is an expensive yet so necessary expense. We recently started doing Mozy. It backs up online to a separate place. If it was up to me, I am clueless...thank you Kyle.

I hope you can get it all back.