Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kid Update: Part Three of Three

Annabelle Blue


I would love to engage in a little witty repartee about Annabelle's quirks, characteristics, and delights, but the truth is I am in a state of googly-eyed infatuation and it is impossible for me to be objective.

Little by little, she has edged Georgia out of the #1 spot in the parental BCS and appears to be holding steady.

Nevertheless, you might as well know. . .

It's possible that she will be a redhead but Billy still won't admit it.

She weighs approximately 27 lbs., none of which is muscle.

She's 15 months old, and we still haven't had her 1st birthday party.

Her recent surge in popularity could also be attributed to the following:

She seems to find ME endlessly entertaining.

She has mastered the correct usage of the words: "Whoah" and "Uh-oh" and when you think about it, how much more do you really need to say?

And, like her sisters before her, she continues to demonstrate that her personality is made up of 50% childlike wonder. . .


50% 85 year old crumudgeon.


jacksonfamiliatwins said...

Loved the pics! She is so dang cute! Let me know if you go to Provo during the week of Thanksgiving. We will be there for a week. Love ya~

JOHANNA said...